Product development

The sooner you come the better for your project – the complet package is usually fastest and the least expensive way to develop your product with us. PD is very complex issue and we can see some of its strings ”before” they pop-up and close the choosen route. We are patient and inquisitive listeners and have good understanding of actual production technologies + strong engineering background. Almost 20 years of experience (product series from 10 – 10.000.000 pcs) will speed up the evolution and cut the ‘birth giving’ costs down dramatically.

Software we overmaster

Most of our projects are solved in Rhinoceros + Shape Modeling Plugin
For sheet metal and mechanical simulations we use Inventor
Plastic injection simulations we externally do in Moldflow
Rednering = Maxwell
InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom for ‘flat’ bussines

Supported file formats

2D curves happens in: AI, DWG, DXF, PDF, EPS
3D we prefer: 3dm, STP, STEP, IGS, IGES
Do not hesitate to ask for others.

Design consultancy

Tell us WHAT do you want to produce WHO is your competition and HOW big is your budget – and we can start the game ;-) Talking, Research, hand-sketching, concept 3D surfacing and visualisation. You do not know what you do not know – and together we will find and solve it faster.

A-class surfacing

Are the surfaces delivered by your engineer / designer wavy, transitions bumpy, machined surfaces broken? Or CNC machines cannot read the data at all? Contact us to understand what A-class surfacing is and how it would improve your product quality.

.AI to .DWG conversion

Do you need to ”feed” CNC machine (water / laser cut, engraving / milling machine) with AI, PDF or EPS data and it seems to be just a bit more complicated than you would expect? Just give us a try ;-)

Material & technology consultation

There are lots of material & technology posibilities and based on production quantity we can recommed the right combination for your project. Clever combination can be surprisingly low-cost and effective.

Rebuilding castles in the air

As a designer or producer you have a brilliant design drawings, lovely visualizations or tasty animation and NO idea how and where produce it? Honestly – you are not further than in 1/4 of the track and we are ready to help you enjoy the challenging rest.